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Our general Code of Conduct is set out to protect you and other user's of the website from social  behaviour that may cause distress. 

Terms: At all times users of this website must abide by the Terms of use Policy.

Conflict-of-interest: Members should use this website for what it was originally intended for.

Community Page: (!)  Members should try to voice constructive comments.

                                  (!!)  Do not share illegal images or contents.

                                 (!!!)   Do not use languages that will cause distress to others.

                                 (!V)   Avoid political or religious views that will offend other member.

Social Behaviour: Members should always remember that this website catered for people from all walk of life in respect of Age, Sex, Race, Ability / Disabilities, Political views, Religious views and Culture back ground. So please be mindful when making comments so as not to offend others on the website.

We will take all precautions to make sure that all users are treated with respect while using our service, but if the need for you to discuss any concern regarding Code of Conduct  Policy please contact us.

Customer Service. Email:

     POLICY EFFECTIVE DATE:            18th February 2021

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