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  • Initial Consultation

    The initial consultation consist of Questionnaire ,Profile Builder, Life Style Background, Present Performance and Psychological Profiling, Dietary Analysis, Performance Bench Mark , Draft Action Plan.

  • Advance Training Stage Athlete S & C

    Advance Training stage would consist of implementing Free Weights, Resistance, Plyometric and Testing.

  • Track & Field Sprinting One to One

    A planed progression program to take an athlete to peak performance , service offered to all levels of athletes.

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  • Sport Performance | Nev LF Coaching | Birmingham

    WELCOME TO Nev LF Coaching To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Welcome to NLF Coaching ​ Offering professional coaching methods and techniques for successful sprinting, along with strength & conditioning for all sports. World Athletics Connexion World Athletics Lire la vidéo Partager Chaîne entière Cette vidéo Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copiez le lien Lien copié Lecture en cours Flying to 800m gold 😳 #athletics #worldathleticschamps #kenya #800m #running #athlete #fast 00:10 Lire la vidéo Lecture en cours Fly like Mutaz Barshim 👀 #highjump #athletics #worldathleticschamps #qatar #athlete #budapest 00:10 Lire la vidéo Lecture en cours Beatrice Chebet storms to 5km glory in Riga 🔥 #athletics #kenya #riga #latvia #running #athlete 00:16 Lire la vidéo Lecture en cours Pole vault world champion with effortless clearance #shorts #athletics #track #polevault 00:09 Lire la vidéo

  • More Testimonials | Nev LF Coaching

    What Shushana Davis Says '' An experience track and field coach who specialises in strength and conditioning. Neville shows a genuine interest in the progression and long term development of his athletes. As members of Birchfield Harriers, we joined Neville's group a year ago. He helped my daughter to recover and sustain from further injury. His training programs include indoor, outdoor, track and weight training. In addition to a range of technical assessments used to measure and improve performance. ​ Since training with Neville, we have seen a huge improvement in Caira's confidence, sprint and technical ability. I would highly recommend'' ​ Shushana Davis Back to Services

  • Conduct Code S&L | Nev LF Coaching

    CODE OF CONDUCT Close Our general Code of Conduct is set out to protect you and other user's of the website from social behaviour that may cause distress. Terms: At all times users of this website must abide by the Terms of use Policy. Conflict-of-interest: Members should use this website for what it was originally intended for. Community Page: (!) Members should try to voice constructive comments. (!!) Do not share illegal images or contents. (!!!) Do not use languages that will cause distress to others. (!V) Avoid political or religious views that will offend other member. Social Behaviour: Members should always remember that this website catered for people from all walk of life in respect of Age, Sex, Race, Ability / Disabilities, Political views, Religious views and Culture back ground. So please be mindful when making comments so as not to offend others on the website. ​ ​ We will take all precautions to make sure that all users are treated with respect while using our service, but if the need for you to discuss any concern regarding Code of Conduct Policy please contact us. Customer Service. Email: ​ ​ POLICY EFFECTIVE DATE: 18th February 2021

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